Saturday, March 7, 2015


 Eight years ago, after much to-do, my darling J-bird joined us and started changing everything to suit himself. I've been around children my entire life, but everything I thought I knew got turned on its head by this baby who wouldn't sleep - just, ever, screamed when anyone but me held him, wouldn't let me out of his felt like no one understood at the time, but baby, look at him now. He sleeps (sprawled out on top of the covers, usually, with 8 comfy pillows and a teddy). He goes out of my sight ALL DAY to the second grade, and he loves everyone - seriously, everyone. There are so many things about the J-bird's personality that have been exactly the same since birth - I think a lot of moms can say that about their children. People are funny that way. Some of us just show up the way we show up. He's grown and changed so much though in eight years on the planet. I sure do love this little dude, and it'd be almost impossible to enumerate all the many reasons why...

His sweet little dimpled face. His smile - which started out toothless, grew hard won teeth, and is now toothless once again. His determination. His amazing giggle. His deep love of reading and LEGO and board games. The way he deeply loves his friends and the way he's learning to work out roles and social cues as they all grow. He has a good tribe, and I love that for him. The way he adores his sister - they scrap, but he would go to the ends of the earth for her, and he'll defend her against anyone who wants to come at her. His stubbornness - that has to come in handy someday, right? His conviction that the oldest kid in his class just KNOWS STUFF, man. The way he still tells me things and unburdens his heart to me. How he hero-worships his dad. His sense of duty. The way he loves our church. Those hugs.

He's funny.
He's kind.
Sometimes he's a jerk, but then he's sorry. Genuinely.

He's my kiddo, my baby, and I love him so.

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