Saturday, April 11, 2015


 The fifth birthday is a big one, as far as I'm concerned, so we do it up big around here. The J-bird had a huge do for his fifth, and now that it was Miss V's turn, we blew the doors out and threw her a party with all her pals at a place called Pump It Up. It's the first time we've ever hired out a place like this, and WOW. It was pretty great. The kids got to play in a private play space for an hour on giant inflatable slides and bounce houses, and then, when they were completely exhausted, we went to a party room, where the Pump It Up folks had set up all the party things I brought for us. We had pizza (they provided that), snacks, and cupcakes, and then Miss V opened her presents, and then we were out the door, and I didn't have to clean up a thing. The kids had a blast. The parents all seemed to have a blast. It was...well, it was pretty great, and I loved watching my girl enjoy her day and all her friends.

(Miss V wanted a butterfly theme, so I made these cupcakes and party favors. The cupcakes were white chocolate with pink buttercream, and the favors were bubbles with butterflies on top.)

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