Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

 We had a lovely Father's Day around here. The kids and I had been planning for over a month, trying to come up with something special and memorable. We'd gone to a place in Portland called the Waffle Window for James's birthday, and it was a huge hit, so we came up with a genius idea: we'd purchase a really nice waffle maker and make our own special Father's Day Waffle Window. It was a smashing success!

The J-bird made a menu of all the many toppings we bought.

Our new favorite appliance.

The happy, waffle loving dad. I think he's eaten waffles in some form or another for every meal since.

It's such a joy to watch James grow and blossom as a father. He's all-in with these kids, and I love him even more than I ever thought possible as I see him care for their hearts and the tiny details of their lives. He's a keeper, that fella. Happy Father's Day, dude.

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