Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy House

 I've spent the last few months re-working, sorting, and organizing our house. I've always loved living here. We bought this house when it was under construction over ten years ago, so our choices shaped so much of what went into it. As I've mentioned though, it had gotten cluttered, every spare corner stuffed with discarded baby things and old hobby supplies. Now, with each new check mark on the list, with each project accomplished, with each load dropped off at the Goodwill, each space cleared out and made into something new or more functional, I feel more in control, like I can breathe deeper. Sometimes, when I can't sleep at night, I pull my Grandma's quilt around me, sit out on the bench my mother-in-law gave me, under the grape arbor my dad built, among the flowers that grow from seeds my mom brought from Kansas, and I feel all that Kansas family love around me as I look across my back yard at the glow of my beloved Oregon home. I sit there and breathe and listen to the night sounds, and then I go inside and wrap my house around me. It's a good life, and I love it. Here's a little bit of what it looks like. Don't mind the dust - I've been painting the playhouse!

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