Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ice Dyeing

 The kids went to Farm Camp again this year, and each day, they came home appropriately and gloriously filthy. Last year, I bought them each a pack of plain white t-shirts to ruin at camp, and those served faithfully again this summer, but those babies are stained beyond repair, and I don't think they will fit again next summer, so I wanted to do something fun with them. Waste not, want not, right? I've seen a few tutorials on ice dying, and I wanted to try it with the kids, so we decided to give it a shot this weekend.

The shirts had been washed and dried, so they were ready to go. The first step was to soak them in a sink full of water and washing soda for about fifteen minutes.

After that, I wrung them out a little, scrunched them up, and put them in a plastic tub with a drying rack in the bottom.

We covered them completely with ice. This took two small bags from the store.

The tutorials I've seen all used powdered dye, but the store I went to only had liquid. I had nothing to lose, except some stained shirts, so we decided to just go for it. We picked out a bunch of colors and swirled them on top of the ice.

We covered the tub, set it outside to let the ice melt, and left it alone overnight (ok, ok, we peeked several times.)

The next morning, we dumped everything out and, using gloves, rinsed and rinsed and rinsed with the garden hose.

Then, the shirts went into the washer on warm and into the dryer. Here's how they came out!

The J-bird decided to use fabric markers on one of his.

We already want to do this again, so I guess I'll be buying more shirts. Maybe I'll dye some of my flour sack kitchen towels! WHAT ELSE CAN I ICE DYE?!?!?

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