Friday, October 30, 2015

Sweet Sleeper

 Our house is ever changing. As our needs and uses for each room evolve, we modify what's in there and change it up. We have a bonus room upstairs that we use as a TV room, and it's pretty great. James also has an office downstairs that has doubled as our guest room. It has gotten pretty crowded, because James is a collector of lots of cool stuff, and we needed to find a good solution to streamline his office and make a comfortable space for guests to stay. We had theater-style recliner chairs in the TV room that were getting kind of elderly. Comfy-ish, but hard to snuggle with kids in. Anyway, after some thought, we decided it was out with the old...

...and in with the new. A lovely sleeper sofa (my darling dad's nightmare, after helping so many of us kids move over the years). It's a nice one, and we have a nice, big, thick piece of memory foam to put on top of the mattress to make it extra comfy. I'm excited to have a real couch in there after 8 years, honestly. There's something about really sitting next to someone on a couch - I don't know what it is. Big thanks to Murphy's Furniture in Cornelius for hauling that heavy baby up our stairs and for taking the old stuff away! I'm thinking I will try to build us an ottoman or something with storage, so we can still put our feet up. We'll see how it goes. For now - new couch!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Some Timely Magic

 A couple of weeks into this school year, there was some upheaval and change at our little Montessori school. Long story short, the J-bird ended up transferring over to our local public school. The transition has been interesting for him, but he loves his teacher, he's making lots of friends, and there are some really fun things he enjoys there, like tonight's Fall Festival. The kids all got to wear their Halloween costumes to school, play carnival games, have pizza, and just enjoy a nice time that also raised some money for the school.

My kids were delighted to try out the costumes we've had in the works. The J-bird went as the 10th Doctor (from Doctor Who)

Miss V went as Hermione (from Harry Potter)

James went as the Tardis

Aaaaaand...I didn't dress up. Cut me some slack. I've been busy.

It was a lovely evening, and we all had a really nice time.

When we got home, I was looking at my kids and just reflecting on how quickly the time passes. My J-bird is in the 3rd grade already, and my sweet Miss V is cruising through her home Kindergarten program. Parenting is not an easy undertaking, and sometimes I get so caught up in the details of messy rooms and attitude adjustments and chores that need to be done and reading lessons and tae kwon do uniforms that need laundering, that I forget to stand back and appreciate the masterpiece that we are painting together. It's not perfect, but, you know, to me, it is breathtaking.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Re-Commissioned End Table

 I believe I have established that I like old, weird objects, yes? WELL, about two weeks ago, I found this giant, metal...thing on our local Facebook classifieds page for $20, and I had to have it. The guy who sold it to me said his dad got it off the Navy ship he served on when he was in the service. The ship was decommissioned, and his dad got to keep this amazing thing (I still don't know what to call it). His dad had it forever, and he handed it down to this (extremely nice) dude, who was using it as a stand for his drill press. When I bought it, it was filthy and rusty and PERFECT. I loved it instantly.

Amy and I hauled it home in the back of her SUV, and I started figuring out what to do with it. In the end, I unbolted the existing top and built a new wood top for it, used an angle grinder with a wire brush attachment to get the rust off the shelves, added some casters to the bottom, and scrubbed the whole thing down with SOS pads, Magic Erasers, and lots of soap. I also lined the shelves with some fabric I had on hand.

It's gorgeous, and I love it so much.

It has replaced one of the end tables in my living room, and I've gotta tell ya,

I don't miss that end table a bit.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Patchin' It

 It's the first Saturday in October, so, like we do, we went to our favorite pumpkin patch this morning, bright and early. I love these sweet traditions and the way they mark the seasons each year. As always, Lakeview Farm was beautiful and perfect, and we had such a nice time there.

Happy Fall!