Thursday, December 24, 2015

One More Sleep

 It's Christmas Eve already. The stockings are filled, the gifts are wrapped. The food for tomorrow is prepped, and we've had a lovely season so far. All of our traditions have been fully enjoyed - from tree trimming to the town parade to zoo lights to making tons of gingerbread to visiting Santa.

Tonight, the kids opened their gifts from grandparents and their Aunt Lucy.

Then, we got ready for church.

It was a gorgeous candle light service. My children's choir sang two songs, and the whole congregation gathered to celebrate and enjoy. Lovely.

Afterward, we came home, got the kids into their jimjams, and got down to the last of the pre-Christmas business. The J-bird and Miss V put out the cookies and milk for Santa

an apple for Rudolph and his buddies

the Santa key on the door

and we walked through the manger story.

I hope your holiday season has been lovely and that you know love and peace now and in the coming year.
Always - G

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