Saturday, December 5, 2015

Welcome Christmas, Come This Way

 The holidays are in full swing now, aren't they? My very favorite is always Thanksgiving. Oh, how I love to feed people. It just satisfies something in my soul. Our dear ones, the D'Elias came over again this year, and Traci and I made music together in the kitchen. It was a gorgeous day.

I made pie crust in my mom's vintage bowl.

The kids wrote down all the things they were thankful for

There was plenty of silliness

And good heavens, the food

For the record, the baby got the big side of the wishbone. She wished for a real unicorn. With wings.

You know how, when you're a kid, if you're lucky, you have traditions that are really important to you, because of the comfort of the sameness each year? Now that I'm grown, and I have a family of my own, there's such incredible beauty in creating those traditions in my home. For example, we always try to put up Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving (we have a strict "No Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving" policy, but after that, it's on, baby). The tree goes up, and then Miss V puts her "First Christmas" ornament - the one with her little baby handprint -  on the tree first, followed by the J-Bird, who hangs his. After that, it's a free-for-all of ornament placement, with our ridiculously huge star going up top. I love it.

Another Christmas tradition we love is the town parade. I'm pretty sure most of the town turns out for it, even when it rains (this IS Oregon in the winter time, but hey - we don't melt, we rust). Everyone lines the sidewalks with smiles on their faces. We drink cocoa from thermoses and sit in camp chairs until it starts, and then we all excitedly wave at the third of the town that's not watching the parade because they're IN the parade - riding in floats pulled by tractors and walking with Scout troops and the high school marching band. All the adults help the kids fish tossed candy out of the street, and then, when it's over, we hug our friends and leave feeling that much more ready for lights and gingerbread and gift wrapping and carols, with kind and loving feelings about our town and our neighbors.

 (My sweet friend, Emma)

Welcome, Christmas. Bring your cheer.

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