Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Derby Day

 The J-bird recently joined the Cub Scouts, something he's been asking to do for about two years. He's super excited about it, and he's having a great time and making lots of new buddies. One of the fun things the Cub Scouts do is the Pinewood Derby. They get a little kit, and they get to build a car to race against all the other scouts. It was important to James (and to me) that the J-bird do the building, so it was really HIS car. James helped, since it involved some power tools, but the car the J-bird took the race tonight (aka: "the Shadow") was definitely a result of the J-bird's vision and work. He was SO EXCITED.

He was not the only one!

The Shadow was car #1

The track

The J-bird got to race in the first heat

And his car came in first!

He didn't come in first every time. Sometimes his car came in second. Or third...

Or last....

But he never cared. He was having too much fun.

 In the end, he came in fifth overall (out of 19), and his car got "Best Wedge". He had a BLAST, and we were so pleased with what a great sport he was and with how he supported his friends.

Miss V had a good time too. She be-bopped around with all the younger siblings, ate snacks, cheered for Big Brother, and only got totally exhausted at the very end, when it was past her bedtime (at which time I whisked her out and took her home).

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