Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sister Time!

 I grew up in the great state of Kansas with four siblings - three sisters and one brother. We are mostly pretty spread out in age, and I am the oldest. My three sisters are all quite a bit younger than I am, so they've done a good bit of their growing up since I got married and moved away. We stay in touch, of course, and I love them fiercely, but when we get a chance to visit, we visit HARD. This weekend, two of my sisters came to Oregon to stay for five days, and we had so much fun! We showed them some of our favorite places, I took them into Portland for a hilarious show, they met a few of my closest friends, we spent lots of quality time with the kids. It was really wonderful - lots of laughing and talking and silliness and some nice relaxing in there as well. Perfect.

Emma and Olivia, come back soon!

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