Saturday, December 24, 2016

Love One Another

The last few months have gone by in a blur. Halloween...Thanksgiving with's choir...teaching voice and piano lessons...swimming lessons and cub scouts and Mad Science Club and Gizmodics Club and church and one gnarly ear infection (the J-bird), time with friends, a couple of snow storms...and now, it's Christmas. 2016 is almost over, and what a year it has been. When I take a moment in the midst of the busybusybusy of life, of the maelstrom and heaving of the world around me, and I breathe and focus on this one moment, I'm just grateful for what I have. It may all change tomorrow, and I can't stop it, but today, I have a roof over my head and tacos for Christmas lunch and pecan pie for dessert and a community that I belong in and work that is meaningful to me and my James, who sees me and loves me and partners with me completely, and these two children, whose hearts shine like bright lights. What an honor and a privilege it is to have this life at this moment.

Wherever you are this season, I hope that you are safe and loved. Be well. Love, G

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