Friday, March 17, 2017

Let's Catch Up

 Oh dear. I've neglected this corner of my life. As my children get older, and life moves at its inexorable pace, I stop making the time to record a little bit in this slightly longer form, and then I regret it. And now, here we are at March, and nearly three months have passed since my last post. Let's catch up a bit, just quickly.

If you can believe it, we've had NINE and a half snow days off from school this year in our part of Oregon. That's bananas! Some of our snowfall has been tiny, but we did have one whopper of a storm in January, and the kids had so much fun .

The J-bird also participated in his second Pinewood Derby event through Cub Scouts. He has really found a wonderful niche for himself in that organization. Sports aren't really his thing - he's a reader, very curious about how things work, a TALKER, loves science and building and engineering and video games. After trying several different activities, he found Scouts, and he's really taken to it. We're pretty thrilled for him.

The J-bird also celebrated a preeeeetty big birthday this month. How on EARTH is this tiny boy:

...a decade old? Double digits, man.

I'd promised him a big, blowout party for this birthday, so we rented out the Aquatic Center, and he invited...uh...everyone. His friends showed UP, and he felt special and loved and great.

And today is St. Patrick's Day! The Leprechaun left my kiddos a little note and some gold (chocolate) coins this morning, and they headed off to school, all decked out in green. They were very excited.

Now that the J-bird has had his big day, we have officially kicked off Birthday Season in our house. Next up is Miss V, who will be turning 7. My sunshine girl has opted for a small unicorn and rainbow themed party, which should be a hilarious good time. We're looking forward to a visit from my folks pretty soon, and I promise to post some photos of our newly repainted house ASAP!

It's exciting times around here. Spring is right around the corner, and we are ready for it. Here we go!