Saturday, June 3, 2017

"And Most Of All, We'd Like To Thank Our Parents, Without Whom None Of Us Would Be Here..."

 Man, I love graduations. All that hope and nostalgia. Chapters ending and beginning. Pages turning. Doors and windows. I love the Pomp and Circumstance, the earnestness, the speeches, the long lists of names followed by uproarious cheering from various sections of the gym - and that part at the end where everyone exhales together and the kids all throw their caps in the air. Yeah. That part's the best.

Today, I attended the graduation ceremony for the Forest Grove High School class of 2017. I knew 6 graduating seniors today, so I did a lot of whooping and hollering and weeping and cheering and waving and clapping and fuzzy-long-distance-photo taking. It was so great.

Ruby gave a fantastic speech!

I couldn't track down everyone for photos after, but I caught a few.

Ellie and Ruby!!

Congratulations to Ruby, Ellie, Helen, Lily, Mira, Hiram, and ALL of the Vikings who graduated today! And thank you Nancy, Bob and family for inviting me to sit with you during the ceremony. What a day!!